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Company Profile

Previously known as direct Tractors sealing and tractors service give direct farmer since.1978. Then We started our business year 2018. Pauniya. a Tractors And Farm Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is growing immensely as leading manufacturers and exporters of Tractors in India. We startedour business by developing a tractor arranged by small or medium farmers to complete their routinetasks.

Innovation of Tractor

We have all latest tools, equipments, advance machineries, R & D lab, quality control instruments and well trained staff to design and manufacture high quality workable products. As the leading tractor exporters and manufacturers, we ensure defect free production line as per industry norms. We are serving our clients from different offshore locations in India. Our technical details and dedicated customer support make us more popular among dealers and clients.

At ,Pauniya Tractors And Farm Equipment Pvt. Ltd., we have also developed various attachments and implements necessary to increase overall capacity of tractor. Besides compact tractors, we are also developing self propelledreapers which can be operated by diesel or for wheat, rice, and soya bean harvesting For more information, you can discuss with our quality team and manufacturing department.

Comparatively operation carried out by AGROTRACK Tractor is better than other Tractor and Power Tillers. Agrotrack Tractor .The heart of Agrotrack Tractor is an engine, which is tested and certified by ARAI as norms for pollution controlling. Price of the Tractor is very competitive. Our need base simple and transparent technology dealers. Company provides an Operator's Manual to maintain the same.

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