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Agrotrack History

The Pauniya Group entered the tractor business in 1978. was already making TRACTORS and the founder chairman of the group, Mr. C.A. Singh own great interest in agriculture and the Green Revolution in making, made the group grab the opportunity to make tractors when it presented itself.

Pauniya Tractors And Farm Equipment Pvt.Ltd. had assembling AGROTRACK Tractor India, which was a Madurai based company handling the entire Tractors business in India. AGROTRACK Tractor was looking for a company that would, in a phased manner, manufacture its tractors in India and successful negotiations with The Pauniya Tractors And Farm Equipment Pvt.Ltd.

Previously known as direct Tractors sealing and tractors service give direct farmer since.1978. Then We started our business year 2018. Pauniya Tractors And Farm Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is growing immensely as leading manufacturers and exporters of Tractors in India .We started our business by developing a tractor arranged by all farmers to complete their routine task.

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