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Agrotrack Objectives
  1. To serve the national interests in the Product and related sectors in accordance and consistent with Government policies.
  2. To earn a reasonable ate of on interest.
  3. To maximize utilization of the existing facilities in order to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
  4. To further enhance distribution network for providing assured service to customers throughout the country through expansion of reseller network as per Marketing Plan/ Government approval.

Innovation of Obligations

  1. Towards Customers and Dealers: To provide prompt, courteous and efficient service and quality products at fair and reasonable prices.
  2. Towards Suppliers: To ensue prompt dealings with integrity, impartiality and courtesy and promote ancillary industries.
  3. Towards Employees: Develop their capability and advancement through appropriate training and carrier planning.
  4. Towards Community: To develop techno-economically viable and environment friendly products for the benefit of the people.

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